What are the Different Types of Websites?

When you plan to build a website one of the important things you need to look that what type of website will be the best for your business. There are a huge number of websites available and a lot of different categories also available. It is an important thing to decide that what type of website your business needs. 

Here are some types of website mentioned below:

  1. eCommerce Website: Also known as online store where you can buy, use cart, make online payments and by registering yourself you can be regular user of that website. This e-commerce website can act like an extension of your business and you can start a new online business also.
  2. Blog: A blog website basically managed by an individual (like a professional blogging) or a small group. The blog website is usually for sharing information or knowledge like reviews sharing, travel or cooking tips, etc. 
  3. Business Website: Nowadays if you are doing business then you must have a website for your online presence. This website will specifically represent your business online. You may not directly sell your services online but at least you can provide some information and present your business to your clients and customers.
  4. Portfolio: It acts like an online resume for your work profile where you can show your past work to your employers or clients. This type of website can be used by freelancers or creative professionals to showcase their creativity. 
  5. Brochure Website: Acts like digital business cards, used by small businesses. It displays the services offered and contact information 
  6. Entertainment Website: As the name says it is related to entertainment like you get to know about your favorite stars news, trends, fashion. This type of website is money-making websites by showing their content to the world.

These are some of the different types of websites, based on your business needs and goals you can choose and enter to the online world. So find a firm or freelance web developer in Mumbai, Delhi, or anywhere and start your website today. Get your website design by one of the leading freelance web designers in Mumbai i.e. Santosh Yadav. He has more than 12 years of experience and a renowned freelance web developers in Mumbai.

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