What are the Different Types of Websites? Part-2

In the previous blog we had discussed about the different types of websites by defining 6 different types. So again we will focus on some more different types of website.

As we all know there are huge number of different types of websites are available. At the time of planning a website we should plan the type of website also which is dependent on our business goals. 

Below mentioned are the types of websites:

  1. Social Media Website: Facebook and Twitter are the perfect example of social media websites where you can post, share images and the videos, connect with other people. Nowadays people are very active on social media websites. Here you can promote your business too by using ads section also.
  2. Educational Website: Those websites who offers online courses are comes in educational websites. Sometimes it can act as an online presence of existing educational institute. Mostly educational information is provided by using these websites.
  3. TV or Video Streaming Website: It is also known as OTT channels. Netflix, Amazon Prime are come into these types of websites. These websites growing their popularity day by day.
  4. Wiki or Community Forum Website: Wiki allows to collaborate or write content together online. Forum websites are the place where you can raise a topic and discuss online on that topic. 
  5. Personal Website: Not all websites are made for earning money, some are used to share their personal thoughts, knowledge, experience in the form of blogs, vlogs and photo albums. 
  6. Web Portal Website: These portal websites are made for internal purposes for any business, institutions or schools. It requires to create a login id and password for each users. 

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