What are the Different Types of Web Design?

When we plan to develop a website we usually think for the domain, hosting, backend technology but we usually don’t bother about website design. If the word comes also for website design then we normally think about colour combination, elements, UI, and other things. But do we know there are different types of website designs are also available?

Yes! You heard sorry you read correctly, there are many types of designs for websites are available whether website is for personal use or business use. We should also plan to choose the proper design for the website while deciding domain name, hosting and other things.

There are two types of page content web design:

  1. Static/Fixed: These websites are the simplest websites to design. The content on these websites doesn’t automatically change, and it is not regularly updated. It is built using simple HTML code, mostly preferred to provide information.
  2. Dynamic: This website will display different content each time when a user visits. This type of design is commonly used for blogs and ecommerce websites, or any website needs to be regularly updated.

Optimised design is used when a website reformats its layout to clearly display the page on a different types of screen size. For example, a website that is mobile responsive will completely fit its layout in order to fit on a mobile screen, keeping the user experience good. There are 3 types of optimised designs mentioned below:

  1. Static/fixed: This website is not optimised for different sizes of screen. It has fixed width of pixels for every device. While viewing this type of website you need to do zoom in or zoom out for perfect view and it leads to a bad user experience. 
  2. Fluid/Liquid: This type of website built with a fluid or liquid design which ensures the website should looks the same in terms of proportions no matter the size of screen. All elements of the website take the same relative amount of space on different devices.
  3. Responsive: This is the updated or higher version of fluid/liquid website. This type of website is used to target audience who spends most of its time on mobiles. Nowadays everyone wants a responsive design to deliver a better user experience.

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