Pros and Cons of Being a Freelance Web Developer

Thinking about becoming a freelance web designer and web developer, as you are bored from 9-5 job doing same work daily.  May be you are planning for to be your own boss or looking for a better work-life balance. 

Being a freelancer is good, but before you jump from one step to another in this pandemic situation, be sure that what and how do you start?  So here some Pros and Cons of being a freelance website developer.


  1. Be your own Boss– As a freelancer, you will definitely work in an organization of one individual, yourself. This implies you won’t need to stress over managers or seniors. 
  2. Freedom of Work Timings & Work from Anywhere– Working as freelance web designer India based or anywhere in the world will definitely gives the freedom of work place and work timings.
  3. Scope is High– The web is likely not disappearing in the your whole life. A profession as a web engineer will offer you dependability and long term plan. As the internet turns into a bigger network each day, the activity showcase is extending, making new open doors for developers.
  4. Endless Opportunities– As a web designer, you get the opportunity to understand and make sites through and through. It is in general information that designers are highly creative. You get the opportunity to make something unmistakable that will affect your clients. 


  1. Upgrading Knowledge– As computer technology is evolving and updating day by day. So you need to stay updated and follow the latest trends of coding and designing the website.
  2. Dealing with Client who have zero knowledge- Sometimes you need to explain each and everything of website design and website development.
  3. Payments Delay– When you are working for an organization you will get your pay check on time, but here situation is different. Financial stability is very hard to get for freelancers.
  4. Can affect Mental & Physical Health– Freelancing can be stressful, particularly when you first begin. Customers can be temperamental, occupations fail to work out, installments don’t come as fast as you’d like them to.  When you work for long hours you might skip lunch or dinner on time and that will affects on your health.

Every work pattern has their pros and cons, so here are some of the pros and cons of working as a freelance website developer and designer. If you know more anything do let us know. Please comment your views.

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