A Complete Checklist for Freelance Graphic Designer

Starting a new phase of career as a freelance graphic designer then you better know these things while starting freelancing. A complete checklist which will surely help you to grow in freelancing career. In freelancing you run a little business on your own where you are the accountant, designer, manager, agent, in short a one man army. So better prepare yourself in the initial stage only.

Even in case you’re just starting your career, it’s no longer too early to plan ahead to become the best freelance graphic designer. In fact, in relation to saving in your retirement, the sooner the higher. Take some time to decide on your financial savings, whether it’s a pension fund or every other shape of long-term period financial savings, and ensure to make a contribution frequently.

Start doing self-branding, create your web portfolio and share on social media handles also. As online presence is mandatory. Always keep your resume updated and your graphic designing work updated on the web portfolio. As there are many availability of freelance graphic designer in Mumbai, competition is very high. Be updated and be on top always.

Keep a track of expenses and income by making a plan monthly, quarterly or yearly budget. As you are making a business plan then you must make plan for expenses.

Never work for free, your customers have a need, and you offer a solution – a service that merits compensation, with actual money. Sign a contract mentioning payment terms and all pricing details. 

Make perfect life balance because when you work for office or for another company then it is easy to differentiate work from personal life. But when you work as a freelance then also it is important to take some time for yourself as you are working alone and sometimes it is frustrating. So it is better to take some time for yourself also.

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